Ensure that you and your principals provide your temporary employees safe and healthy work conditions

Do you provide temporary employees for high-risk work or work in high-risk environments? If so, it is even more important that your temporary employees are offered safe and healthy work conditions – and that you and your principal ensure that they can. When you have SCT certification you demonstrate that your company attaches importance to safe and healthy work conditions. You also present yourself as an expert and reliable partner. When your employees have an SIS-SCT diploma they also know how they, as an intermediary, can make a contribution.

Services and products for temporary employment agencies


Offer temporary employees who carry out high-risk work every opportunity to follow healthy and safe work practices.


Personal Safety Logbook

Show that your temporary employees work safely and meet the health requirements for their work.


Services and products for intermediaries


Learn how you can make use of your basic knowledge of healthy and safe work practices in the interest of the workers you supply.


Six reasons for safe and healthy work practices


Generate business
it's great to do business with an expert partner


Recruit talent
skilled workers recognize skilled work


Prevent fuss and bother
your principal will appreciate it


Take good care of each other
because your temporary employees deserve it


Offer challenging work
because your principals entrust you with it


Give full value for the money you receive
your principal will appreciate that as well

What may I expect from my principal?

You may expect your principal to act as a good principal, for example by making the risks associated with the work and the work environment clear in the invitation to provide temporary employees (or by giving you a guided tour to experience them for yourself), including temporary employees in the principal's SHE organization and maintaining contacts with you and the temporary employees to discuss any potential improvements, where relevant.

Does your principal require you to have SCT certification?

When your principal requires you to have SCT certification then you may expect that your principal regards SCT as more than a provision in a contract that can be left to the procurement officers; the principal's safety officers will consult with you on a customized approach to each project.

Does your principal have SCP certification?

When your principal has SCP certification then you may assume that the principal makes an inventory of the risks associated with the work to be contracted out and the environment in which the work is to be carried out, informs you about them and makes every effort to control those risks. The principal is prepared for emergencies and ensures that your temporary employees will be told what to do in an emergency. You may also expect that you will be able to assess the principal's efforts to provide safe and healthy work conditions and that points for improvement are addressed.

What may my principal expect from me?

Obviously, your principal may expect you to provide the right temporary employees for the right place. In addition, your principal may expect that your staff are aware of the importance of healthy and safe work practices and that they can select and supervise the deployment of the appropriate personnel for the situation, for example by virtue of their SIS-SCT diploma. Your principal may also expect that you identify safe and healthy work points for attention in the principal's invitation, make records of them, inform the temporary employees who will be supplied to the principal about them and check compliance.

Do you have SCT certification?

When you have SCT certification then your principal may expect that you regard SCT as more than just a checklist to be ticked off; you implement SCT in a carefully-considered and visible manner and that you and your principal consult on the controlled and efficient implementation of any improvements that may be necessary.