Prove your ability with SCC certification

You don't get SCC, SCP or SCT certification just like that. You need to draw up an action plan for the improvement of your SHE management system and then work through the points in the action plan. You can then submit your certification application. A recognized certification body will then audit your SHE management system. When the audit verifies that you meet all the requirements you are awarded your certificate.

What do you need to do?

1. Request a quotation

You begin by requesting a recognized certification body to submit a quotation for an audit. It is wise to request a quotation from several certification bodies, as their fees can vary. The certification body will submit a proposal for an audit plan that also includes the hours, costs and planning. The certification body will need information to draw up this proposal, such as information about your company structure and your organization chart, the number of your employees, work sites and projects, the nature of your technical activities and the required scope of the certification.

2. Selection of certification body

You use the quotations to select the certification body that is most suited to your requirements. Do not select solely on the basis of price: preference should be given to the quotation that offers the most effective approach and is tailored closest to your company.

3. Performance of the audit

The selected certification body conducts an audit of your SHE management system. This is carried out in two phases. Phase 1 is a desk audit in which the auditor examines documents and procedures, and conducts internal audits. Phase 2 is a workplace audit in which the auditor interviews employees and visits work sites to verify that all measures have been implemented in the appropriate manner.

4. Resolution of non-conformances

The auditor completes the work only once you have resolved any non-conformances identified during the audit.

5. Delivery of audit report

The auditor draws up the audit report and submits it to one of the certification body's SCC coordinators for assessment. When everything is correct, you are issued your certification.

6. Registration of your certificate

The certification body makes an entry of your certification in the Central Certification Register. Principals can consult this Register to verify that your company has been awarded the relevant certification.

And then

You need to make regular checks to verify that you make consistent and correct use of your SHE management system and that the management system continues to achieve your SHE objectives. This requires the attention and time of all your employees and their supervisors. Consequently, certification is only the beginning of assuring for safety and health at work!