Personal Safety Logbook in brief

Your Personal Safety Logbook contains records of your diplomas and skills, and some of your medical details. These records can include, for example, records of your participation in safety courses, receipt of safety instructions, as well as medical examinations and tests and vaccinations. Your Personal Safety Logbook to demonstrate that you work safely and that you meet the health requirements for specific tasks. A Personal Safety Logbook is an important aid in controlling accidents and risks. The Personal Safety Logbook is valid in the Netherlands and Belgium.

What benefit is a Personal Safety Logbook to me?

Your Personal Safety Logbook shows that you are a well-trained and skilled worker. You are then more likely to be requested to perform specific tasks that make your work more interesting and challenging. It is also an aid in determining the knowledge, experience and physical condition you need to be able to carry out high-risk work or work in high-risk environments in the appropriate manner.

What benefit is a Personal Safety Logbook to my employer or principal?

Employers and principals want to see everyone who works for them go home in good health at the end of every working day. This is why they need a rapid means of checking that each person has the documents needed for them to adopt healthy and safe work practices and that they are healthy enough to carry out the specific task. The Personal Safety Logbook helps them to do so.

Digital variants

Several organizations have introduced digital Personal Safety Logbook variants, or are giving consideration to doing so. The details are then stored in digital form on a card or in the cloud. The digital variants currently in use are the Deltalinqs Digital Safety Passport, Bouwplaats-ID (construction site ID) of the parties to the construction industry Collective Labour Agreement and the railAlert Digitaal Veiligheidspaspoort (digital personal safety logbook).