Good preparations are half the work

A B-SCC, SOS-SCC or SIS-SCT training course provides you with excellent preparation for the associated examination. You increase your chance of success, enhance your CV and show your employer or principal that you take health and safety at work seriously.

How do I know which training course is right for me?

A simple Google search will find a tremendous number of sites offering SCC training courses. However, how can you find out which training course you need? You can begin by asking your employer, who will usually have contacts with training institutions. You can also contact your industry association, which will be able to provide you information about training institutions with in-depth knowledge of your sector and institutions that offer training courses for your specific sector. Obviously, you can also carry out this search yourself. When you do so, look for training institutions that have expert instructors, clearly communicate the results achieved by their course participants, carry out customer-satisfaction surveys and have a complaints procedure.

How long does this take, and what does it cost?

A good SCC training courses lasts between two days (B-SCC) and three days (SOS-SCC and SIS-SCT) and costs between 200 and 250 euros a day, in total between 400 and 750 euros. This almost always includes the examination. In some cases you can also follow a training course given in a language other than Dutch. Ask your training institution for information about the precise options available to you and the costs.