Protect the health and safety of yourself and of others in your surroundings

Do you carry out high-risk work, or do you work in high-risk environments? If so, it is even more important that you and your colleagues follow healthy and safe work practices – and that your employer ensures that you can. When you have an SCC diploma you know how you, as an employee, can make a contribution.

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Learn the basic knowledge you need to follow healthy and safe work practices.



Learn how you can make use of your basic knowledge of healthy and safe work practices.


Personal Safety Logbook

Show that you are a well-trained and skilled worker.


SCC Guide

Find out which SCC diploma is right for you.


Six reasons for safe and healthy work practices


Stay healthy
now and in the future


Develop yourself
as a skilled worker


Carry out challenging work
because you are up to the challenge


Take good care of each other
because your colleagues deserve it


Prevent fuss and bother
your employer will appreciate it


Give full value for the money you receive
your employer will appreciate that as well

What may I expect from my employer?

You may expect your employer to act as a good employer. You may then, for example, expect that your employer:

  • Knows the risks associated with the work and the work environment, makes them clear, opens them to discussion and takes measures to control the risks;
  • Makes every effort to avoid incidents and takes immediate actions should an incident nevertheless occur;
  • Offers you a safe and healthy work environment, in part by providing you safe work equipment and personal protective equipment;
  • Lays down clear limits and does not accept unsafe behaviour, but does provide scope to learn from mistakes;
  • Is approachable and open to tips and tricks that improve healthy and safe work practices.

Does your company have SCC?

When your company has an SCC certificate then you can be certain that your employer gives structural attention to these kinds of issues and does not neglect them.

What may my employer expect from me?

Your employer may expect you to take good care of yourself and your colleagues, and to follow healthy and safe work practices so that you act as a good ambassador for your company. Your employer may expect you to be alert to risks and do what you can to control them and, when the solution is outside your control, to urge action and take active part in finding a solution. An SCC diploma will help you to fulfil these expectations.

Talk about it!

Do you experience barriers in following healthy and safe work practices? Or are you faced with unnecessary problems in following healthy and safe work practices? If so, talk about this with your colleagues or supervisor.