SSVV takes measures against the Coronavirus (latest update: 20 May)

The cabinet has taken measures to prevent further spreading of the Coronavirus. In this message, we outline how the SSVV deals with this. When the Dutch government takes new measures, we update ours accordingly.

This message is updated on a regular basis.


  1. Recognised certification bodies must comply with the protocol of the Dutch Accreditation Council with regard to exceptional events and circumstances. Based on this, they determine to what extent and in what form audits may continue, and how to deal with the validity of SCC, SCP and SCT certificates that expire (or have expired) after 12 March 2020 (the day the Dutch government took the first restricting measures against the Coronavirus).

Dispensation for diplomas and certificates from the Central Diploma Register

  1. Diploma holders whose diploma expires (or has expired) after 12 March 2020 will receive dispensation, for the time being through to 1 September 2020. During this time period, diploma holders can continue working with their expired diplomas.
  2. This regulation also applies to employees at SCC-certified companies who are required to obtain their SCC diploma within three months of commencement of employment. However, they must be supervised in this work by an experienced colleague (with at least an SOS-SCC diploma) until they are able to take and pass the exam.
  3. People who do not fall under the groups mentioned under 1) and 2) are not covered by this dispensation arrangement.
  4. There are more and more opportunities to take exams again. To prevent a sudden influx of examination applications, we ask that exams are scheduled well in advance.

The above applies to all diplomas and certificates in the Central Diploma Register: B-SCC, SOS-SCC, SIS-SCT, STG-petrochemistry and STG scaffolding construction. The CDR shows the following statement for diplomas that expire after 12 March: “This diploma is subject to dispensation by the SSVV due to the Coronavirus. This means that the diploma holder may temporarily continue working with an expired diploma.”

Training and examination

  1. The SSVV urgently advises all examination centres and trainers to postpone groupwise, physical SCC and STG exams and training courses until 1 June 2020.

    The recognised examination centres are working on common principles to ensure that group exams take place in a responsible manner from 1 June.

 ​​​​Other measures

  1. The SSVV office employees are working from home as much as possible until 1 June2020. Therefore, you might experience some difficulty reaching the SSVV by telephone.
  2. We have cancelled all of our meetings until 1 June.


Do you have a question with regard to the Coronavirus? Send an e-mail to so that we may contact you.