SCC is a product of the Stichting Samenwerken Voor Veiligheid (Foundation Cooperation for Safety, SSVV). Do you have any questions? Or a tip to improve our services and products? Please let us know.

Who are we and what do we do?

The SSVV is a partnership of 22 (branch) organisations in Dutch industry. Our mission is to make working in a risky environment structurally safer and healthier for everyone in the chain, from assignment to execution. We want to develop into a leading platform for professionalisation, knowledge sharing and cooperation: a platform where clients and contractors together create the conditions for working safely and healthily in all our sectors.

Our organisation

Our organisation consists of a Board (responsible for our mission, vision, strategy and communication), a Central College of Experts SCC (responsible for the structure and content of SCC, SCP and SCT) and a bureau that manages the secretariat of the Board and the CCoE-SCC.

Our partner organisations

VCA Infra and the Stichting Examenkamer are two closely involved partner organisations. On behalf of the SSVV, VCA Infra manages the contacts with the recognised examination centres, monitors the quality of these centres and distributes the examinations for B-SCC, SOS-SCC, SIS-SCT and the petrochemical part of the SSVV Training Guide (STG). VCA Infra also monitors the quality of the STG trainers. A separate division of VCA Infra (VCA Examenbank) manages the final and test periods for B-SCC, SOS-SCC and SIS-SCT and prepares the examinations for them. VCA Examenbank also prepares the examinations for the petrochemical part of the STG. Stichting Examenkamer is responsible for the operational supervision of the SCC and STG petrochemical examinations.

For certification, we have signed contracts with 25 recognised certification bodies. And through VCA Infra, we work together with 18 recognised examination centres.

Contact information SSVV

T +31 70 33 78 755
F +31 70 33 78 756

Visiting address

Castellum, building C ('Synthesium')
Loire 150
2491 AK Den Haag
The Netherlands

Postal address

PO Box 443
2260 AK Leidschendam
The Netherlands

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