Personal Safety Logbook

You record your knowledge and experience and some relevant medical data in the Personal Safety Logbook. This shows that you work safely and are healthy enough to carry out the work.

What and for whom

The Personal Safety Logbook is a personal document containing your diplomas, skills and some medical information. These include safety courses and instructions, occupational health and safety training, medical examinations and tests and vaccinations. The Personal Safety Logbook shows you that you work safely and that you are healthy enough for certain tasks.

The Personal Safety Logbook is intended for employees and freelancers who do risky work or who work in a risky environment. Their use is not compulsory, even for companies with a SCC certificate or persons with an SCC diploma.


The Personal Safety Logbook allows you to show that you are a well-trained professional. Employers and clients can use the Personal Safety Logbook to check whether you have the right qualifications to work safely and healthily and whether you are healthy enough to carry out the work.


Your employer orders an empty personal safety logbook. You cannot do this yourself unless you are a freelancer, in which case you are of course your own employer.

You complete the personal safety logbook together with your employer. The completion of the medical part is voluntary. You are not obliged to share this information. You sometimes need to ask for a stamp, sticker or signature from the institution where you followed a certain education or training course, in order to prove that you really have the knowledge and experience mentioned.

Together with your employer, you are responsible for ensuring that the personal safety logbook is properly completed and that the information is correct and up-to-date. This is important, so as not to endanger yourself or others. Have you successfully completed a new course? If so, write it down in your logbook immediately.


The Personal Safety Logbook is valid indefinitely. This also applies to older copies which state a period of validity of ten years.

The personal safety logbook and other countries

The Personal Safety Logbook is intended for use in the Netherlands and Belgium. The document itself does not have a formal status, so there is no recognition in or by other countries. This does, on the contrary, apply to the training courses that are mentioned in the logbook.

Digital variants

Several organisations have introduced or are in the process of introducing digital versions of the Personal Safety Logbook. Data is stored digitally, on a card or in the cloud. Current examples are the Digital Safety Passport of Deltalinqs, the Construction Site ID  (website in Dutch) of the parties to the collective labour agreement in the construction industry and the Digital Personal Safety Logbook (website in Dutch) of railAlert.

In the meantime, the paper Personal Safety Logbook will continue to exist.


A Personal Safety Logbook costs €10 excluding VAT and shipping costs.